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The ultimate modded DayZ experience

Join the next generation of DayZ modded servers, full of action and adventure for all!

Find us on DZSA, Magic Launcher, Vanilla Launcher
[SZN 3 WIPE] Extinction 1PP|50k Starter|AI|Vaults|Drugs|Trader

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Server Features

Next Gen Mods

Our server uses the best mods out there to enhance the DayZ experience. Extinction showcases: traders, vaults, AI, custom areas, custom weapons, airdrops, and so much more! View mod list

Community Based

The server and its features all revolve around the requests of our strong community of survivors! Join now and help shape the best DayZ server out there.

Active Staff

Our staff are always ready to help! Tickets are answered quickly around the clock to ensure the best possible experience.

Balanced Economy

While we might be modded, our team has put in hundreds of hours into perfecting the loot economy and progression of the server.


Extinction Donator Outfit
Extinction Donator Outfit 2

We offer Donator Gear! This gear helps us pay for server costs and ensures you look sexy while playing on the server.
All gear purchased will be available at all Traders for all to use! Items will be added within ~1 week to keep mod updates to a minimum. High tier loot will not be retexturable to keep the loot economy consistent, all gear is purely cosmetic. All donators are given a donator role as well in the Discord.

Payments are final. By purchasing you acknowledge this and understand by paying you forfeit any paypal disputes.
Please make a ticket in our discord to purchase and view available items

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